Xansa picks up National Outsourcing Award

“I led the transformation programme for Xansa’s outsourcing of MyTravel’s financial operations, which led to the BPO Project of the Year award”

 Xansa Press Release – 03 October 2005

Outsourcing Award

Xansa Scoops Award

Xansa has scooped the BPO project of the year award at the National Outsourcing Association Awards for its work with MyTravel’s finance and accounting function.

Starting on 1 April 2004, MyTravel signed a seven-year F&A outsource deal, covering accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, financial report, payroll, and tour operator settlements. Within six months of taking on the service, Xansa helped MyTravel to work through a new year-end date, introduced a completely new accounts structure, transitioned over 140 staff, and helped to set stronger foundations for future financial management.

The strong spirit of partnership and joint working of outsourcer and customer impressed the judges as well as the key performance indicators set up at the outset of the project.

“Central to the success with Xansa has been the transparent honesty of the relationship on both sides and the willingness to face and solve difficult problems. This has carried us through a challenging first year, as MyTravel met its goal to successfully reconstruct its balance sheet whilst simultaneously introducing significant and vital internal change. Xansa has been a key factor in the achievement of that success and we could not have had a better partner,” said Aidan Connolly, Deputy Group Finance Director of MyTravel.

“By transforming the way in which the MyTravel finance and accounting function is delivered, Xansa has enabled MyTravel to focus on its core competencies, and ensure MyTravel’s customers receive an improved level of customer service,” said Fraser Winterbottom, Managing Director, Finance and Accounting, Xansa.

“Xansa was awarded the BPO Project of the Year for its work at MyTravel predominantly because it demonstrated client satisfaction through both endorsement and a new contract, but also demonstrated delivery of tangible return on investment,” said Martyn Hart, Chairman of the National Outsourcing Association.