Reference from Managing Director at NHS Shared Business Services

NHS SBS Reference

NHS SBS Reference

Iain Spence joined us as interim Change Director at a very challenging time in our business’ history. With our business forecast to grow by more than double in the next 12 months, we had to develop a clear strategy and plan to handle that type of growth in a tightly controlled way.

Iain’s expertise in financial management and challenging insight into operational performance proved invaluable in designing a new operating model, and developing a practical implementation plan to deliver it.

His change management skills, which I rate as second to none, were also called upon as he reshaped the existing change programme to deliver the new operating model, installed rigorous programme management disciplines and built the team to manage the change. His leadership style has ensured buy-in for the change programme from all areas of the business, which is essential for a programme of this significance.

With the change programme now on track and the team focused on delivery, Iain’s refocusing activities are complete. We are, however, retaining him as our trusted advisor, ensuring that we continue down the right tracks.

Managing Director
NHS Shared Business Services
19 July 2005