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Reference from EOn

Reference from EOn

Iain joined me early in 2006 on the Consumer Leadership Team at Powergen, as interim Head of Change, following acquisition by E.ON AG, the global energy group. This was at a time of increasingly competitive conditions in the Energy markets, with retail margins under significant pressure.

Iain brought a wealth of senior-level experience from low-margin retail and applied it to help us deal with our business challenges. Iain identified numerous operational synergies and efficiencies and implemented robust processes to improve our business effectiveness, and ensure rigorous and disciplined delivery of our plans.

His style is a healthy balance of intelligent challenge and collegiate participation which has ensured engagement and buy-in for the changes we’ve made.

I was delighted when Iain agreed to work with us again at the start of 2007 in our B2B business, following integration of a number of acquisitions into the organisation.

In a rapid and focused intervention, Iain helped us to obtain complete clarity on our business strategy, fully align and support it with a strategic delivery plan, measure its success with a strategic scorecard, and restructure our organisation to support delivery of our strategy. No mean feat in a space of 4 months; this leaves us in great shape for the future.

Retail Change team members have also supported us on a range of other business issues, from business architecture design to data quality management and debt recovery planning. They have consistently provided clear analysis and insight and pragmatic solutions to our issues. This support continues.

In short, Iain and his team have added significant value to our business.

Powergen PLC
Part of the E.ON AG group
16 May 2007