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Asda CEO Reference

Reference From Asda Chief Executive

I was very disappointed but not at all surprised when Iain told me that he wanted to leave Asda to start his own consulting business.

In almost 10 years with our business in a wide variety of senior management roles spanning new business development, finance and IT, Iain has consistently added significant value to our business.

I worked closely with Iain when we explored our strategic options for entering the personal financial services industry, and more recently when he led the development of our shopping services on and Sky Active digital TV.  In both of these new businesses, Iain demonstrated excellent strategic thinking, rigorous planning and first rate leadership skills in implementing our strategic plans.

I am sure that the same skills and qualities that lain has provided to Asda will provide big returns to other businesses, and I therefore expect him to have a very successful and rewarding consulting career.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Asda Stores Ltd
8 March 2002