Lloyds Pharmacy

“I was engaged to review the Lloyds Pharmacy e-commerce strategy and capability.”

Lloyds Pharmacy, part of the multi-national Celesio AG group, operates more than 1500 pharmacy stores in local communities and health centres turning over in excess of £1.5bn. Stores stock a range of prescription and over the counter pharmaceuticals in addition to a broad range of health-related merchandise for sale to customers. There are also a number of health related services available such as diabetes and cholesterol testing.

I was engaged by Lloyds to review its e-commerce strategy and its capability to deliver a radical launch programme.  The review was completed successfully and we agreed a clear way forward for the programme.

At the time of my engagement, the prescription drugs “market” in the UK was in the progress of significant and sustained change, driven largely by NHS-driven computerisation. Replacement of paper-based prescriptions with electronic signatures and messaging together with the infrastructure to join up the systems between primary care providers and pharmacies, provided both huge opportunities and threats to Lloyds and necessitates significant transformation of its supply chain in order to leverage the new technologies.