Coaching, Mentoring & Other Clients

“Individual clients whom I coach and mentor expect and receive total confidentiality”

I have worked with a great many individuals, over 1000 business leaders and managers, in my 30 year career to date.  Many of these have been coached and mentored by me during that , as I myself have benefited from similar support from others.

In the more recent part of my career, as my interest has intensified in the value that formal coaching & mentoring techniques and processes can deliver, I’ve provided these activities as a professional service to clients.  As this has developed, I’ve focused more in this area and dedicated time and effort to undertake formal training and accreditations.

Throughout all of this, the confidentiality of my coaching & mentoring clients has remained paramount.  I will never discuss existing or past individual clients with others, nor will I ever put individuals in the position of providing references for my work.

The references and client case studies shown on my website will always therefore be restricted to those related to corporate work.  In addition to these corporate clients, there are a small number of clients that have chosen to remain anonymous or whose activity was too small to mention.