“I’ve supported Arco, the B2B safety products retailer, on a number of assignments including a period as interim Change & IT Director”

Arco is the UK’s number one provider of workplace safety products & services.  With over 60 stores and sales offices across the UK, this family-owned B2B retailer turns over around £300m each year (as at 2015).

I was initially engaged during 2013 to review the technology capabilities of the business, making recommendations to help set the business up for future growth.

I subsequently joined the operating board of the business as interim Change & IT Director, with a team of over 50 professionals and a £ multi-million budget for change.  In this role I created a robust plan, gained the support at all levels for its delivery, negotiated several major solution & delivery contracts and led the initial phases of delivery.

In addition to this interim role, I have carried out several additional consulting activities with the business, including facilitation of business strategy workshops, support for partner and solution selection processes, and individual executive coaching & mentoring activities.